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If you visit the Bay Area, you are most likely on the hunt for the best lobster in San Francisco. This makes all the sense in the world since it goes well with the famous San Francisco clam chowder, famous sourdough bread, and being the City by the Bay. 

Someone once said, “if you eat a plate of Cioppino, you’re eating a plate of history”. This is very true: Cioppino is at the heart of San Francisco’s culinary history. First created by Italians in the late 1800s, this tomato and fish-based stew is a bowlful of hearty goodness.  It was initially made to feed hungry miners and was actually prepared out on fishing boats in the Bay. When the Italian community started opening restaurants in the Bay Area it became a staple dish, and still is to this day. Lobster, San Francisco, and history go hand in hand.

While Cioppino can be made the traditional way, with Dungeness crabs, clams, shrimp, bay scallops, and mussels, any combination of seafood will make for a great tasting Cioppino.  It is an easy go-to recipe for all occasions and is often made at holiday times for family get-togethers.

Award-winning seafood at Pier Market 

The family-owned Pier Market has been selling the freshest, finest seafood in San Francisco since 1983.  With many prestigious awards under our belt, including “Best Seafood in San Francisco” by KRON 4 TV’s Best of the Bay, you will not find a better seafood eatery in town.  With our commitment to purchasing only sustainable seafood, our clients are guaranteed the freshest and tastiest fish from daily catches. If you’re looking for the best lobster tail in San Francisco or the tastiest clam chowder, look no further. We pride ourselves in serving up the best lobster in town. 

If you are looking for best lobster in Bay Area and are having trouble narrowing down where to go for SF lobster – you have come to the right place. Look no further. Especially if you’d like to pair it with tasty California wines from the Napa Valley.

 Location is also a winner with stunning views over the Bay, enjoy the majestic Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island while savoring our sumptuous seafood delights. Lobster San Francisco may be a popular dish to seek out but no one else serves it on the mesquite grill overlooking the San Francisco Bay. 


best lobster in san francisco

Best lobster tail…ever!


For the best Lobster restaurant San Francisco, you need to look no further than Pier Market.  Lobster San Francisco style takes on a whole new meaning. While the city is famous for its world-class restaurants and foods from the world over, many people find themselves drawn to Fisherman’s Wharf in search of fresh, wholesome seafood in the best lobster tail restaurants.

Whether you’ve come for crab, clam chowder, or lobster, San Francisco is famous for its seafood, and no place more so than the restaurants at Fisherman’s Wharf. Part of the daily catch, Pier 39’s fresh, meaty lobster makes our restaurant stand out from the rest.

If you’re not up for a full meal, you can tuck into any of our starters from fried calamari, house breaded and served with cocktail sauce, to the richer flavors of our house specialty, crab cakes, served with a Cajun rémoulade. Enjoy all-day dining Monday through Friday from 11 am through 10 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 10.30 through 10 pm. For the Best lobster in San Francisco, Pier 39 is a must-visit for anyone who loves good seafood.

What is Mesquite Grill?


The Mesquite Grilling technique is what sets Pier 39’s seafood apart from the rest. The word “mesquite” actually comes from the name of a tree in native South America, Mexico, and the southwestern United States. Sometimes known as a “pest” plant, as its roots can grow up to 200 feet into the ground making them difficult to remove.

However, this plant has plenty of positive uses. First among them is its use in the restaurant business, as the fantastic wood-burning characteristics make an excellent and delicious way to smoke meat.

Employing the mesquite grill technique when cooking produces lots of smoke, reaches high temperatures quickly, and produces intense, rich flavors in the meat being cooked. At Pier Market, we offer a large variety of fresh sustainable seafood mesquite grilled, adding delicious, smoky, bold flavors, including the best lobster in the Bay Area.

Have a peek into the Pier Market 

The Pier Market San Francisco seafood experience just got better with the completion of an extensive dining room upgrade in 2017 and newly fitted exterior signage. It’s no surprise to learn that this is a family-owned business, spanning three decades and three generations, is famous for serving the best clam chowder, local Dungeness crab, and lobster in San Francisco. 


It’s not just our “Certificate of Excellence” from Trip Advisor which testifies to this claim. 

At Pier 39 we love our mesquite grill so much, we keep our kitchen in plain view of the dining room so that you can fully appreciate it. A look into the open kitchen (no secrets here) adds to the bustling and upbeat atmosphere of our family-style dining experience so that you’ll always know just how fresh your food is. Our top chefs use their artistic flair to create top-quality dishes, from their freshly made Clam Chowder made daily from scratch, their lobster San Francisco style, to their complimentary fresh sourdough bread served to each table. We keep the kitchen open so that you can feel as connected as possible to the food we love.