Holiday Gift Guide 2022 – PIER 39

The holiday season is an exciting and festive time of the year but can be busy trying to find a gift guide for what to buy.

A fun place to enjoy the festive holiday season is PIER 39 where you’ll find a festively decorated with a 60 foot tree that lights up to synchronized music every 30 minutes from 5pm-10pm daily.

As fun as it is to gift others and spread holiday cheer, it can also be stressful to find the perfect gift for your long list of loved ones that seem to have everything… luckily, PIER 39 has a wide range of specialty shops for you to find the perfect unique gift for everyone on your list.

Holiday shopping on PIER 39 is great because with so many specialty shops you can find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. There is no better place to shop than on Pier 39. You will find specialty shops that sell everything from clothing and accessories, electronics, jewelry, funny greeting cards, sportswear, and more.

To help you aim for the right stores for every person on your list we created this guide of where to shop to get something special for everyone on your list this year – stress-free. Check out the holiday gift guide below.

For the Left-Handed

Left Handed Store

Do you have a known left-handed person on your list? Visit “Leftys” a store towards the end of the pier that has a full selection of goodies specifically for left-handed folk like special mugs, scissors, and left-handed pride sayings.

For the Passionate Pet Parents

Dog Store

Dog-lover on your list? Check out “Bow Wow” a store full of playful gifts for dog enthusiasts and their dogs. There have everything from dog costumes and signs, to collars and treats, for every different breed of dog you can imagine.

For the Sports-Enthusiast

Sports Store

Yes your sport loving friend may already have more sweatshirts, hats, jerseys and more with their favorite sports team printed on it so you think you should not get them more. But fear not – the sports enthusiast never has enough! They wear their team’s garb for every game whether at home, at a bar, or at the game itself. You will find a huge range of all the teams you can think of in this store on PIER 39.

For the Magic-Lover

Magic Store

The person who has everything? Try a walk through Houdini’s Magic Shop where they will show you many magic tricks and gadgets to pick from to give your person-who-has-everything something new they definitely do not have.

For the Family

Clothing store

With a group on Christmas morning? It may be silly and overdone but… matching pajamas/Christmas attire puts a smile one everyone’s face and a festive vibe in the air you can’t deny. Visit little Blue House which has the same holiday-themed patterns for babies, kids, women and men in all sizes so you can all match and take those fun photos that last a lifetime.

For the Foodie

For the foodie who has tried every restaurant and knows the hottest spots in town, we have the perfect gift. Purchase a gift card to Simco Restaurants that never expires and is sure to have a hot spot your foodie will enjoy since the gift card is good at Fog Harbor Fish House, Pier Market, Crab House, Wipeout Bar & Grill, and Eagle Café all on PIER 39.

For the Coffee Lover

We all have those people in our lives who won’t talk to us until they have their first cup of coffee for the day. For the caffeine obsessed on your list, visit Biscoff Coffee Corner. This coffee shop sells coffee beans and ground coffee in many flavors including the unique Biscoff-flavored coffee beans! Crab a cup of coffee for yourself while you stop at this shop – we recommend trying the Biscoff latte. Trust us 😉

For the Biscoff Cookie Lover

That friend that goes nuts over the “airline cookie”? Wait til you bring them this new gift!  Stop by the Biscoff Coffee Corner where they have the classic Biscoff cookie but ALSO hard to find Biscoff cookie spread, chocolate covered Biscoff cookies as well as Biscoff sandwich cookies (like an oreo) with two circular Biscoff cookes on the outside sandwiched around a cream filling. The flavors of the filling range from vanilla, chocolate and Biscoff spread flavored. Your friend will be thrilled!

Pro tip: While you shop for the special Biscoff cookies, order the secret-menu Biscoff waffle you can tell your Biscoff loving friend about later. The Biscoff waffle is a freshly made waffle topped with Biscoff cookie butter spread and Biscoff cookie crumbs. And yes it’s better than you’re even thinking!

For the Sweet Tooth

Sweets-lover? Check out Candy Baron where candy bars are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and tastes. They have everything you could want to satisfy your cravings. Candy Baron sells barrels of sweets as well as hard-to-find candy that you’ll remember from your youth so you can gift your loved one a candy-memory and flavor that will light them up and will be so much more than just another holiday treat.

For the Person with Cold Feet


Literally – cold feet. The sock market will certainly deliver with a fitting gift for the cold-footed person on your list. This sock store has socks of all sorts – thin and thick, soft and cozy, low no-show and knee high and from all themes of life – cats, sport teams, animals, funny sayings, everything you can imagine as the perfect “thinking of you” themed little gift.

For the Hat Enthusiast

Krazy Kaps is a go-to destination for unique and custom hats during the holiday season. Krazy Kaps has a wide range of caps for every occasion. From pirate hats to twirly beanies, they have a cap for everyone that is playful and put a smile on your face. This shop is also fun to explore and take photos of yourself as you shop since they have fun things.

For the Tech Lover

technology store

Pop into Aleenk technologies to explore all the gadgets that your tech lover will get excited about it. Watch out for the talking robot as you walk in and then explore a variety or tech gadgets including iPhone charging cases, screen covers, the contraption that keeps you phone visible while driving so you can use the map directions while staying safe, and much more.

For the Cuddle Bug

We all cherished our stuffie at one time or another. And when the stuffie was made with love and personalized just for us it’s that much more special! Head to Build a Bear where you can design a stuffed animal your cuddle bug will love that much more because it was made just for them.

For the Chocolate Lover


If you aren’t sure where the person on your gift list fits – we are going to take a wild guess and suggest they are likely a chocolate lover! Because who doesn’t love chocolate? Enter into Chocolate Heaven which is well named and carries a wide variety of types of chocolate from white, to milk, to dark and extra dark. San Francisco famous Ghirardelli, and so much more. 


We hope this guide helped you streamline your holiday gift shopping this year as we know this year especially due to shortages in the supply chain and other complications it can be hard and stressful to find the perfect thing for everyone on your list.