How to Cook Crab

How To Cook Crab

If you are like most people, you have probably enjoyed eating crab at a restaurant, but you might be wondering how to cook crab at home. We are here to help you figure out how to make crab that will dazzle your friends and family!

In this post, you’ll learn all about how to make crab with different methods like how to boil crab, how to steam crab, how long to cook crab, and more.

How to Steam Crab

We recommend this method since it keeps the delicious flavors in comparison to boiling. 

In a large pot, bring an inch of salted water to boil. Then, put the crab in a steamer basket. Cover the pot and cook them for about fifteen minutes.  How long to steam crabs is determined by the size of the crab. If the crab is large, steam for longer than 15 minutes. Then, remove the crab from the pot and let them cool before serving. 

Steamed Crab

How to Boil Crab

This is the most popular way to cook crab at home. Most people just wonder – how long do you boil crab? 

Bring water to boil. Add salt (enough so it is as salty as ocean water) and any other seasoning you’d like. Then, add the crab to the water quickly so they all cook at the same time. Bring the water back up to a boil and cook until the crab floats. This will take approximately ten to fifteen minutes. Then, remove the crab from the water and let them cool before serving.

Cooking live crab is recommended.  If you were wondering how to make crab, but want to enjoy crab at a restaurant instead, join us for crab on the waterfront on PIER 39! We’re cooking Dungeness crab every day and would love to see you. 

If you plan to come visit us soon, check out this piece for tips and tricks you need to know before a visit to PIER 39.